Terms and Conditions of Use


These Terms and Conditions of Use are intended to define the modalities of the provision of services as provided by the platform SiteName and the conditions of use of the platform by the User. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. These Terms and Conditions include our policy for acceptable use of the SiteName and content posted on the Site, your rights, obligations and restrictions regarding your use of the SiteName and the SiteName’s Privacy Policy found here.

The terms and conditions below limit SiteName’s liability and obligations to you and allow SieName to change, suspend or terminate your access to and use of the SiteName Platform. The terms Idea Maker, Customer and Contractor for purposes of this agreement are used in a generic sense and are not meant to define the legal nature of the agreement and should not be construed as an admission or any indication of the type or nature of the services rendered by Contractor. Your access to and use of the SiteName Platform is also governed by information and guidelines made available on the SiteName Website.
Acceptance of User Agreement

You understand that by checking the box or clicking the “submit” button, by using the SiteName platform (including any content provided therein) or your SiteName account, having any form of communication with an member or by posting any contracts via the SiteName platform, you are agreeing to be bound by this agreement. In the case of the user not wishing to accept all or any of these terms and conditions, they are requested to explicitly renounce all use of the SiteName platform.

If you are aware of a potential violation of this terms and conditions, please report it to Customer Support
Amendment of User Agreement

This Terms and Conditions may be modified at any time by SiteName without prior notice to or the consent of Users.

“SiteName” : refers to the platform SiteName.

“SiteName Team” means the online platform accessed using the SiteName Resources software.

“Agreement” : expresses the contractual link as well as the terms and conditions as set out in the current document.

“Member”: the term “member” designates a recognized user of the platform.

“Visitor”: any corporation or company or person visiting the site who does not share the qualities attributed to a client.

“User”: user is a generic term referring primarily to the four categories indicated below who have access to the platform: “idea maker, contractor, visitor, and customer”

“Client”: Idea Makers, Customers, Contractors.

“Idea Maker”: corporation, a company, or an individual, including a User, who through the services of the contractor or visitor, suggest a project idea (service, a piece of work or an object idea) to Customers, and also posts a Technical Requirements Document.

“Contractor”: a corporation, a company, or an individual, including a User, whose role is to respond to orders made by the SiteName for a service, piece of work or object.

“Customer”: corporation, a company, or an individual, a current or potential buyer of the Work Product.

“Services”: means web development, software development, writing, translation, administrative, marketing, design customer service, sales, general business services and other knowledge-based or online services.

“Work Product”: means any tangible or intangible results or deliverables that Contractor agrees to create for, or actually delivers to SiteName as a result of performing the services on a particular Contract, including, but not limited to, computer programs or other information.

“Product Requirements Document”: is a document written by an Idea Maker and approved by SiteName that defines (describes) a product, defines its technical requirements, development requirements etc.
The SiteName Platform
Purpose and Areas of Application

The SiteName Platform is an online portal and website located at SiteName where Idea Makers may post and realize their projects, Contractors locate their employers and Customers who able to fund projects together and buy expensive digital goods for only $1 and more.

Payments for the services contracted for through the SiteName Platform are made through the SiteName Platform.
Use of the platform

The Site Platform is available only to legal entities/persons who are at least eighteen (18) years old. Use of the platform is reserved for Users who have accepted the Terms and Conditions.

Users agree that the content of any messages and documents sent are not contrary to the legislation in force and do not constitute forgery or falsification of documents. They shall undertake not to use the ptatform for the purpose of committing a criminal offense or offenses.

Any document or information posted on the platform which contravenes these provisions will result in the immediate exclusion of the User from the platform.
Access to The Service

All costs relating to accessing the Service, are payable exclusively by the User. They are solely responsible for the smooth running of their IT equipment as well as any access to the internet.

SiteName reserves the right to refuse unilaterally the access to the Service, without prior warning, to any User.

SiteName will make use of all reasonable means at its disposal to ensure quality of access to the Service, but is under no obligation to do so.

SiteName cannot, in addition, be held responsible for any network or server malfunctions, or for any other event beyond its reasonable control which may prevent access to, or lower the quality of access to the Service.

SiteName reserves the right to interrupt, momentarily suspend, or modify without prior notice, access to all or part of the Service in order to carry out maintenance tasks or for any other reason, without there being any liability or right to compensation.

Access to certain parts of the Platform requires a username and password to be entered. The password is personal and confidential. The User is solely responsible for any use of their username and password, and promises to keep the password a secret and to not divulge it in any manner. The use of the username and password over the internet is made at the User’s own risk. It is their responsibility to take any measures necessary to protect their data against any infringement.

User acknowledges and agrees that the reputation and goodwill of SiteName may be adversely affected if the User engages in violations of the service contracts, agreements. SiteName has the right to take action, including legal action, against the User as SiteName, in its sole discretion, deems necessary to protect the interests of SiteName. SiteName reserves the right to place a financial hold on and reclaim funds available in the User’s account in the event of a material breach of this Agreement.
SiteName Fee

User agrees that SiteName shall be paid a fee for services and technology including but not limited to maintaining the SiteName Platform, providing online management resources , and/or managing payment between Users.

SiteName will charge a fee equal to 10% of the payment.
User Obligations

The Users are solely responsible for the authenticity and reliability of the obligatory documents and data forwarded to SiteName. All identity information associated with an SiteName User Account must be real and verifiable. Each SiteName Account must be used by only one person, and each person is allowed to use only one User account. SiteName reserves the right to validate User information at any time. Failure to provide identity verification when requested is a violation of this Agreement. The User is solely responsible for any use of their username and password, and promises to keep the password a secret and to not divulge it in any manner.

SiteName expects a consistent and high level of courtesy, respect and professionalism from all of its Users toward each other and reserves the right to expel any User from our network at any time. Users agree to use good judgment when posting information, comments, feedback or other content regarding other Users, SiteName or any other third party anywhere within the SiteName Platform. Users may be held legally responsible for damages suffered by other Users, SiteName or any third party as a result of legally actionable or defamatory comments, remarks or other information or content posted to the SiteName Platform.

Also SiteName supports only electronic goods and services. There are products, services and content that are prohibited on the SiteName Platform. Please take the time to review our Prohibited Content and Prohibited Products List.

SiteName is not legally responsible for any remarks, information or other content posted or made available on the SiteName Platform by any SiteName or third party, even if such information or content is defamatory or otherwise legally actionable. SiteName is not responsible for content for accuracy or reliability. However, SiteName reserves the right to remove or restrict access to any information or content posted or made available on the SiteName.
Applying to a job

All information provided in an application must be true, accurate and complete. SiteName reserves the right to verify any and all information provided on a User’s profile or job application. By applying to a job, the User is attesting that he/she/it has the skills and ability to perform the requested Services by the deadline stated in the job posting.

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