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Many products exist available on the market which claim to increase penis size, but those claims are simply temporary and may even include dangerous side effects. Penis Advantage uses no harmful tools to enhance your penis. And, one of the benefits, no expensive surgical treatment is required. All of this is a natural process.

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Penis Enlargement Bible by John Collins

For some men around the world, penis enlargement has become a big issue to them. Since so many men are discussing the topic of how large a penis should be, there is a material now out by the name of the Penis Enlargement Bible by John Collins.

What is the Penis Enlargement Bible?

The Penis Enlargement Bible was written by John Collins to give tips to men about how to enlarge the size of their penis. It is a detailed PDF file consisting of about 94 pages designed to release to the public natural procedures on how to go about enlarging one’s penis.

Within the 94 pages of the e-book are seven chapters, which cover penis enlargement procedures without the aid of pills or surgery. Some other areas covered in the PDF book are premature ejaculation treatments and why it happens, how to increase one’s ejaculations and some necessary penis enlargement workouts to reach one’s ultimate dream of having his sex organ become bigger as well as perform better.


Is the material beneficial to men? While people on a whole must stand by their own opinion, still, it is note-worthy that some men whom took matters into their own hands and started using techniques laid down by the e-book have already begun to see positive changes to their sex life.

Benefits include:

· Natural increase of sexual stamina: Not only will one’s penis increase, but also information in the bible will help one’s time in bed to be a more enjoyable experience because it will help him not to ejaculate too quickly.

· Natural and permanent result: The bible content gives natural methods on how to increase one’s sex organ. There is no need to go on pills or register in a hospital for treatment.

· Easy application: Interested men who are desirous of taking advantage of the content written in the e-book will find it an easy process to apply the methods given in it.

Other features

Since reaching the market, the Penis Enlargement Bible Program by John Collins has had an astounding positive feedback from the public. Other features of this magnificent and helpful e-book include:

· Its 90% rate of success: Often some men who use the PE Bible are often the ones to spread by word of mouth its success among other men whom are seeking answers for their low sexual encounters. This makes the e-book stands out at a rate of about 90% successful.

· Easy to access e-book: People who are looking for the PE Bible to buy can make purchase through the internet from the comfort of their home by using a computer or if traveling can place an order using a mobile device.

· Money back guarantee: Buyers who are afraid of swindles can feel safe when buying this material because the owner offers a 60 days, 100% money back guarantee with every purchase made.

Other features of this product include easy access to the owner John Collins. Since Mr. Collins knows that many men will be making inquiries about why is system is so effective, he has made it possible for prospective buyers and buyers to reach him.

Affordability is yet another compelling feature of this product and therefore for every man to own this item, John keeps the sale down to only $47 per e-book. This amount is a small price to pay if one wants to ensure his sexual power remains strong.

Stability is yet another factor that is causing the product to sell so fast. Since coming on the market five years ago, the product has had good sales and today is a well-respected item on the market.

Why the PE Bible is not a fraud

The PE Bible is not a fraud because the success rate speaks for itself. Most men who follow the methods given in the PDF e-book have found them to be effective and thus make up the 90% of the success rate stories that are circulating.

Owning a Penis Enlargement Bible by John Collins is a wonderful way for men to start taking control of their masculinity and staying on top of things. One does not have to bother about feeling insecure or ashamed because of the size of his penis any longer and he can feel at peace knowing that he is doing a good job with the women.

Is VigRX Plus A Good Natural Male Enhancement Product?

VigRx Plus a brand new product in the range of natural male enhancement supplements has been introduced on Amazon recently. In this review, we’ll talk about the actual results of the product, list of ingredients added to it and obviously guide you with the basic knowledge of the product. If you are wondering whether the product works or not, and is it worthy to spend your money on it, then you have come to the right place. Here, you will get detailed information on everything about the product you were looking for.

First, let’s find out what exactly is Vigrx and the entire idea behind it’s design. VigRX Plus is a herbal alternative male enhancements supplement. It is designed naturally and can be taken as an alternative to non-herbal prescription drugs. The product is available for sale throughout the internet, as well as local drug stores.

The major advantage of this Vigrx plus pill is that it doesn’t have any side effects as compared to other non-herbal drugs that you have been using for years, but didn’t see positive results even after prolonged usage. The drug is completely safe and made with ingredients that are known to help increase blood flow into the penis. This helps men suffering from erectile dysfunction and impotency. With this product, men suffering from impotence can get and keep an erection during sexual activity. The only precaution that one should take into consideration while using the drug is that men with high blood pressure should consult their doctor before beginning their doses.

Before we proceed further with the VigRX Plus reviews, let’s take a look at ingredients in this product include :

● Epimedium Leaf Extract

● Damiana

● Gingko Biloba

● Ginseng

● Muira Pauma Bark extract

● Bioperine

● Catuaba Bark Extract

As soon as you will open the box, you will see a label of the company claiming 8 hour guaranteed performance, which basically means that the product will be effective for 8 hours. The recommended dosage as directed on the pack is 1 pill daily. It is advised to take one tablet three hours before sexual stimulation, ideally on an empty stomach for a long lasting effect.

After a couple of weeks, you will notice a significant increase in your stamina and desire for sexual activity. However, in the beginning, you may get headaches or body ache as a side effect of changes taking place in your body. But, with continuous use of pills, all these will subside in a matter of 4 days of usage and will never come back.

Top Five Perfect Foods For Natural Male Enhancement

There are a number of things that a man can do to enhance his manhood or performance in bed. This can range from taking male enhancements pills to surgeries. All this is done in order to improve his sexual performance and have a wonderful sex life. Every woman would like to have man who is great in bed. Most men want to have the best results in a short time hence they end up using shortcuts which could lead to serious side effects. Pills and surgery works but the best remedy is to take natural foods for male enhancement as explained below.

1. Bananas
This is the most effective mainly because it contains bromelain enzyme. Research has shown that this enzyme helps to prevent impotence and increases a man’s libido. Besides, it has plenty of potassium which enables the heart to work smoothly making it possible to perform well in bed. It is cheap so any man can afford this and enjoy himself in bed.

2. Raw Oysters
There is a high amount of zinc in raw oysters. Zinc helps to increase the level of testosterone and sperm production. Testosterone is essential for all sexual functions in a man. It is advisable to eat raw oysters in order for you to fully benefit from its properties. If you find it difficult to eat raw oyster, you can prepare oyster soup which still maintains the mineral contents. Besides you can use the oysters in your sushi but raw oyster is still the best.

3. Acai Berries and Acerola Cherries
These berries are effective in treating erectile dysfunction hence making them useful for male enhancement too. Acai berries contain anthocyanins that aid in proper functioning of the brain and blood flow. Blood flow is very important during sex hence this is a great remedy for male enhancement. Aerola cherries contain vitamin C and nutrients which will boost your overall health.

4. Garlic
Taking plenty of garlic will ensure constant blood flow to a man’s sexual organ. You are sure to have harder and longer erections if you take garlic often. Raw garlic is the best but its only disadvantage is that it makes you have a bad breath. It will therefore make your partner feel uncomfortable. However, you can opt to take it with your partner too and she will not notice the effect of bad breath. The other alternative is to take garlic in form of capsule.

5. Whole grains and beans
These natural foods are rich in thiamine whose main function is to stimulate the nervous system. The brain forms part of the nervous system and is the main organ responsible for orgasm. During sex, the brain interprets all signals that come from the penis, lips, tongue and nipples. Besides, it interprets all signals resulting from our five senses. Whole grains and beans are not only essential for male enhancement but also treat erectile dysfunction.

In case you cannot access any of the above mentioned foods, you need not to worry. There are more natural foods for male enhancement that are readily available. These include:

  • Cabbage
  • Fish with omega-3
  • celery
  • Snails
  • Spinach
  • Eggs
  • Almonds and other nuts

Once in a while you can take the top five best foods alongside these foods and you are assured of having a great experience in bed.

Essential juicy fruits for natural male enhancement

Fruits are important for our bodies and they cannot be ignored either when it comes to male enhancement. They calm down the blood vessels to allow sufficient blood to flow to the penis. Examples of the juicy fruits to take are strawberry, water melon and mango juice. You should never take manufactured juice because they do not contain all the essential mineral contents as manufacturers claim. Homemade juice is the best.

It is important to note that even doctors recommend the use of natural foods for any man who has a problem that relates to performance in bed. All the foods mentioned above are effective in their own ways because of their varying mineral contents. It will take time to get the best result but it is worth the wait. If the situation worsens, you can seek medical attention. Learn more here